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Spała and surroundings

The popularity of Spała as a resort dates back to the seventeenth century, when the Polish kings used to visit the forested areas at the borders of the former Pilicka Forest during hunting. Even the president Moscicki, couldn't resist the charm of Spała making the place his summer residence at the begining of the nineteenth century.

Today, this magical place is especially frequented by the residents of Łódź and Warsaw, who, wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, rest among Spała forests and enjoy the many attractions available there.

One of the biggest attractions is 36 meters high the Water Tower, as well as the historic church, which was created at the behest of the President Stanislaw Wojciechowski.

Walking through Spała will discover many other charming spots in the village and its surroundings

Tourists who like to admire the old architecture, beautifully decorated villas and palaces, will find something interesting there, and the rest in the bosom of nature enthusiasts, will enjoy breathtaking panoramic views that extend to the Spała Nature Park. Various trails and paths can let the tourists explore the park on foot or by arranging bike tours.

Stay in Spala will also make an impression on history lovers, who can visit and explore bunkers in Konewka and listen to stories of hidden underground treasures.

Adventurers can try their hand at a nearby Rope Park, and also test their skills on the paintball field. Pools and playgrounds available at the Olympic Training Center are waiting for sports fans.

All those splendid attractions can be visited when you come and stay at the Kuk Hotel.

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